Registration is free and relatively simple! To register, simply register your name, email address and choose a password. Following your registration, you will receive a confirmation letter to your email address, and you will be automatically registered on Partem Project and your user profile will be activated.
Once registration is complete, do not hesitate to visit our site to familiarize yourself with it and get an overview of how it works.
The purpose of the site is to create a project OR to start from an already existing project! Are there one or more projects you have always wanted to do… but for whatever reason, you could not realize it for lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of encouragement? Thus, this site will allow you to share your ambition with other users with the same ambition as you and this will allow you to achieve (together or with more knowledge) a project that is important to you! Or maybe help others in their projects due to your experience or knowledge. Some users will appreciate your advice and who knows, this will allow you to realize another project to your issue.
You can always realize your projects alone, (nothing prevents you), thanks to this site you could share your steps and achievements. Which could encourage and motivate the other users.
Take this opportunity to post photos, any photographic testimony or video of your project would be greatly appreciated!!! We want to see your achievements!!! Do not forget to add photos to your project and your user profile, this will give you more visibility.
It is suggested, during the realization of the project to testify with photos or videos, its progression and its conclusion, once carries to term, you can record it as finished.
Regarding the projects, (big or small), they will have a title, a description and a category so all users / participants will have a nice overview of your project and maybe join you!!! Moreover, each Partem Project user / participant will be able to contact the creator of the project (s) of interest to him, and participate with it in their realization. There is also a “geo location” at the site, this tool will allow your project to be located on the map of the world, so it will be visible to the world and you could communicate with other participants in this region.
This will also allow other participants to choose projects in their regions / cities. The system is updated every hour, there may be a small delay before your project is visible to the rest of the world! However, if you do not want to put an exact address, you can only display the name of the city where your project will be realized.
BE ADVISED that this site is NOT a funding site, no monetary request will be accepted to carry out your project, this site was rather designed for a mutual help in knowledge, experience and encouragement / MOTIVATION to carry out a project so you never thought to realize alone.
Any idea or thought can turn into project!!! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Partem Project Group.

Author: Erick
Category: Uncategorized
Date: February 9, 2018